4 Ways To Wash And Remove Stains On White Clothes

If you have really pesky stains on your white clothes, it’s very easy to think that you need to use bleach. You would be easily forgiven for thinking that because for a lot of people, bleach is pretty much the solution for any kind of stain problems for their white clothes.

There’s a reason why bleach is the “go to” solution for a lot of people. It simply works. It is very convenient to use. There’s not much really guess work involved. You just need to pay close attention to the amount of bleach you put in and you’re pretty much good to go.

In fact, a lot of people automatically add bleach whenever they are washing white items of clothing. The reason for this is that they think that it’s some sort of precautionary measure. Their clothes may not necessarily be stained but by adding bleach they make sure that everything is uniformly white.

This is a problem because when you do that you are putting a lot of stress in the fiber of your clothes. You should only use bleach when you are trying to remove stains. You can use bleach as some sort of precautionary move.

There are other alternative ways to remove stains from white clothes. Please understand that these tips may not necessarily work for all people under all circumstances at all times.

You just have to tweet this or pick a potential solution that you may know if that works for you. Everybody’s circumstances is different and that’s why you need to be a little more flexible and open minded. Here are just some ways to wash and remove stains from white clothes:

Soak In Laundry Detergent For An Extended Period Of Time

If you have really nasty stains that are either baked in or baked on or dried up, you might think these stained white clothes are basically beyond hope. You probably have bad experiences of trying to wash these types of stains out only to have to settle for white piece of clothing with some off white or even yellowish stain in certain parts. I know it’s kind of discouraging and it’s very easy to basically just give up after that point.

Well, the reason why there’s that nasty left over stain may stamp from how you wash your white clothes. It may turn out that you didn’t soak your white items of clothing long enough for the laundry detergent to dissolve the stain. Once they’re properly soak enough, your washing machine usually does this job of cleaning up the stains so there’s no long lasting effect.

This doesn’t work across the board. It really depends the types of stains you had, what caused the stain and how long the stain has been on your clothes. It also depends on how dry your clothes are. But with everything else being equal simply soaking your stained white clothes for a long enough period of time will usually do the trick.

Soak And Wring

Whether you’re soaking in bleach or soaking in typical in clean laundry detergent, you can take matters into your own hands to ensure that stained white clothes don’t remain stained for too long. I am talking about you working out your sleeves and physically agitating, wringing and twisting your clothes so as to make the bleach go where it needs to go or the laundry detergent to work its magic.

You can’t just simply let the items soaked because sometimes the stains are so deep or the clothes are wrapped in a certain way that it doesn’t get enough liquid or properly dislodge the stain. It needs to be helped along.

You need to actively step in and put in a bit of little elbow grease to get things going. While it’s not guaranteed that your clothes will come out crystal white and pure, there’s a high chance that they would because you have actively put it the work to physically agitate the cleaning liquid so that it can go to where it needs to go.

Double wash

This is probably the least popular of the 4 tips in this guide. After all, who wants to work twice as hard? When most people think of doing their laundry, most don’t think about doing their wash again and again. In fact, most people would think twice of doing a double wash since it requires twice the work.

Still, if you are looking to truly take out the most stubborn stains, you definitely need to consider this option. It starts out just like the soak technique above. Soak your stained white clothes for at least 48 hours. Feel free to include medium or moderate strength bleach into the soaking mix.

Once your clothes have been thoroughly soaked, wash it using your hands. That’s right, the first step of the double wash process is hand washing. You have to manually wring and fold and beat your clothes for this step. How come?

Nothing is more accurate as far as wringing and rubbing goes when you are doing it by hand. By this point, the stain should have moistened up enough to be softened. It’s not quite out just yet but it has been weakened quite a bit.

The next step is to put your clothing through a normal wash. The key here is to stop the cycle in the soak portion. Let it stand for the better part of two hours or so before you turn the wash cycle back on. By doing this highly detailed intervention, you increase the likelihood that your whites can come back from a nasty staining.

Keep the tips above in mind when trying to figure out ways wash and remove stains from white clothes. It can be very frustrating especially if you have a special piece of white clothing you’d like to hang on to for a long time. With that said, please understand that this is just a basic guidance. Feel free to tweet them or modify them to fit your particular set of circumstances.


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