Good Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Pimples

People have been trying to figure out good home remedies to get rid of pimples for several hundreds of years now. Please understand that way before benzoyl peroxide became the most popular anti-acne over-the-counter medications, there have been no shortage of a great home remedies that get rid of zits. These are home remedies that used very basic ingredients. You don’t have to go out of your way to buy these products. You don’t have to buy special products. You don’t have to spend a penny on this.

As simple and basic as these concoctions maybe, a lot of people throughout the decades can vouched for them. They may not work for all people at all times in all situations but they work well enough for people to have used them for hundreds of years. Let’s put it this way. People have been using these remedies for hundreds of years. They’re at least worth a shot.

People wouldn’t be hanging on home remedies and passing it from one generation to another like some sort of air loom if it somehow someway didn’t work. It’s not like these people didn’t have any alternatives either. So do yourself a big and keep an open mind regarding the following good home remedies to get rid of pimples.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar is an all around home remedy. People have been using it for anything from dizziness, nausea, upset stomach, weight loss, and bad skin. It is loaded with the right kind of acid to jump start your body’s internal repair processes.

People have been applying apple cider vinegar both as a topical solution as well as ingesting teaspoonful of it for centuries. Many people swear by this simple vinegar. You can also seek to boost its overall effect by mixing it with some honey. It not only taste better with honey but the honey might actually boost the overall effectiveness of the vinegar

Baking Powder

You can apply a baking power mask on your face for a few minutes to dry up pimples and then apply a nourishing coconut oil after a few minutes. People have been using baking soda for ages. It is one of the standbys of a home remedies. By applying it on your skin and using it as a face mask, you can dry up excess oil as well as fine tune oil glands that are over productive. This takes several applications.

The key here is to time it right. You don’t want to keep your baking soda face mask on for too long. It’s going to dry up your skin and your skin might get itchy and flaky. It’s going to be a mess. You have to keep it on for three minutes or less and then quickly rinse off and then apply a nice layer of coconut oil.

Ideally, you should use cold pressed virgin coconut oil. This is the healthiest and most nourishing for your skin. If you can get it, use all organic, all natural, cold pressed virgin coconut oil.

Please understand that a lot of coconut oil currently on the market are actually processed using chemicals or high heat When processed this way, a lot of the beneficial vitamins and nutrients within coconut oil simply gets destroyed.

You’re no better of using this type of oil than you were if you had put on soy bean or corn oil on your skin. I know that sounds crazy and ridiculous and it is. That’s why you have to insist on virgin coconut oil. If you can, go with all organic, all natural, virgin cold pressed coconut oil.

Apply Lemon Drops To Your Skin

Lemons drops of course, contains citric acid. When your skin is producing too much oil and your skin’s oil glands get clogged up, this is a sure fire recipe for acne. Do yourself a big favor and apply lemon drops on your skin and apply it evenly all around. This is a great way of tampering or fine tuning the oil production capabilities of your skin.

If done right over an extended period of time, your skin won’t produce as much oil and it will just produce the right amount to remain healthy and supple. A lot of people who suffer bad cases of acne have over productive skin oil glands.

A lemon juice, when applied to the skin has a nice cleansing effect and it also stimulates the skin and tightens it up. The key here is to not leave it on for too long. You don’t want to dry out you skin. You also don’t want to burn it. Please understand that citric acid is still acid. It does have a burning effect.

Apply aloe vera on your skin

Aloe vera has been known for hundreds of years to do a great job when it comes skin burns, cuts, and other skin issues that involve a break in its surface. It’s ability to heal and nourish open sores is legendary. Well, guess what, it can also do wonders for your acne.

You might not see it this way but when you develop acne, you develop breaks in your skin that can get infected. This is actually the reason why pus or the white fluid buildup at the tip of your acne appears. When you break out in zits, you’re actually going through a skin infection. When you thoroughly clean your skin, please note that this is just the first step.

Clean skin is good but you need to make sure that you apply a healing compound that helps your skin along its normal self-repair and self-maintenance process. This is where aloe vera comes along. This compound has been used for hundreds of years to deal with lots of severe and not so severe skin issues.

Your acne needs proper healing. Apply aloe vera so it can form a nice protecting and healing layer which will help your skin’s internal process. Your skin is already healing itself. Aloe vera just provides an all natural and pretty much traditionally tried and proven hand up to your skin.


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