How Alcohol Consumption Ages You Faster

Although most of us love to indulge here and there, we all know – alcohol isn’t good for our bodies. Aside from having a massive impact on our health, it also ages us faster. The effects of alcohol overuse are visible everywhere on our bodies.

The Effects of Alcohol

Dull and Pale Skin

It’s a common occurrence – we wake up after a night of heavy drinking and find our mouths and throats as dry as a dessert. Because alcohol is a diuretic, that’s not a real surprise. It dehydrates our body and makes our kidneys work overtime. All of that leaves our skin looking dreary and parched.

Furthermore, when our bodies metabolize the alcohol, the blood vessels dilate. That’s what causes our faces to look bloated, red, and puffy. People who consume alcohol daily have an easily recognizable look of red, blotched skin with burst vessels around the cheek and nose area. This look leaves people looking older, more tired, and sick – not a look anyone is aiming for.

Dehydrated skin can also have a sick-looking dewy appearance, that’s often described as “grey,” and it wrinkles more easily. All of these qualities leave the face looking much older than our IDs would imply.

And, as the icing on the cake – alcohol can worsen pre-existing skin conditions like psoriasis and rosacea.

The Suffering of Major Organs

Skin is our biggest organ, and it displays the most prominent effects of alcohol. However, all our major organs are affected by alcohol abuse.

Heart and liver suffer the most – the overexertion the alcohol abuse is putting them through makes them more fragile and causes severe problems. High blood pressure, for example, is a common side effect of drinking. Furthermore, it’s common knowledge that heavy drinking can destroy our liver and brain cells. Therefore, it’s no wonder it causes us to age, and die, faster.

Hair and Nails

Even though effects alcohol has on major organs, like heart, liver, and brain, are crucial for our survival, those effects are going to become apparent on our skin and nails first. Which is logical – we can’t exactly take a peek at our liver to see if it’s damaged. However, we can take a look at our hair and nails and immediately see that something is wrong. That’s a convenient way our bodies are sending us signals that something’s wrong.

Brittle, dry hair and nails, as well as hair loss, are a sign that our body is missing essential minerals and vitamins. That could be an effect of a separate issue, but for excessive drinkers, the answer is probably – alcohol. Dull-looking hair and chipped, yellow nails make us look older than we actually are.

(Lack of Beauty) Sleep

Our appearance depends on many things. However, sleep – good, quality sleep that goes on throughout the night and leaves us rested – is a crucial factor. Alcohol disturbs our sleep cycles. What’s more, it leaves us feeling very badly the next day, looking tired and, in turn, older than we are.


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