What A Guy Really Means When He Says I Love You on the First Date

Those three magical words can mean a lot, especially if the feeling is mutual. However, when said on a first date, the innocent “I love you” could spell a real disaster. After all, how can we fall in love and feel like that right away?

This dilemma has baffled everyone for decades. Now, we’re here to answer what it really means when a guy says I LOVE YOU on the first date.

He likes us…a lot

Unless the guy seems like he has some mental health issues, there’s a good chance the “I love you” simply slipped out. He probably wanted to say that he enjoys spending time with us and that he likes us…a lot. In fact, at that moment, it probably felt like love, but it really wasn’t. Life isn’t Romeo and Juliet, so this could just be an honest mistake. Nevertheless…

He might lack impulse control

Let’s face it – we are all looking for love. However, when we’re on a first date with someone we really don’t know that much about, love is still a far-fetched idea. Thus, if the guy says he loves us before we have finished dessert, there’s a good chance he lacks impulse control.

Now, it’s not impossible to fall in love on a first date. But it’s just too early to say anything like that. It can easily destroy a relationship that hasn’t yet started, purely because we’re not ready. We might be ready to hear it in a few months, but for that to happen, the guy has to remain calm and play the long game.

He might be looking for a one-night stand

No matter how hard we try to understand men and their needs, sometimes, they are looking for one thing and one thing only – a one-night stand. Unfortunately, for some men, the end justifies the means. Thus, they will resort to saying “I love you” if that’s what it takes to go home with us.

That’s exactly why it’s dangerous to go on a second or third date with the guy who said he loved us. Maybe he just doesn’t want to give up and will never call us again once he gets what he wants? Even though he seems sweet, the truth of the matter is – we just don’t know his background and even if he knows what love is.

Bottom line?

Love is everything in life, and we’re all trying to find it. But as you can see, saying “I love you” on the first date is definitely not a good sign. In the best-case scenario, the guy didn’t mean it, and it just slipped out. In worst? He might be a heartbreaker who doesn’t care about love, people or how he’s going to get what he wants – as long as he gets it. And trust us – those are the guys you want to stay away from!


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