Why I have My Own Coffee Brewing Machine

There’s nothing better than the bliss that the first cup of morning coffee can offer. It smells divine, and the flavor bursts on your taste buds – it’s heavenly. However, the entire serene picture I just painted changes significantly if you have to go in search of that morning bliss. Once you do that, the coffee becomes a chore rather than enjoyment.

That’s precisely why I started brewing my own coffee. I don’t enjoy large crowds or interacting with people before I had my morning cup of Joe. What’s more, I really don’t appreciate the generic filtered coffee. If I do something for my own pleasure and comfort, I want to do it right. And that is why I have my own coffee brewing machine.

Nothing beats that rich flavor

Firstly, brewing your coffee will get you that deep coffee aroma. You can’t get that with a generic coffee maker. Once you start brewing your own coffee, the filtered, watered-down beverage others call coffee will offend your taste buds. Trust me; nothing can beat the liquid energy that’s home-brewed coffee.

What’s more, by brewing my coffee, I’m able to get a stronger kick. Filtered coffee machines generally don’t pre-infuse the beans, which results in a weak cup of Joe.

The affordability

When I realized that filtered coffee is just a brown liquid that doesn’t do much for me, I started going to little coffee shops that brew their own coffee. However, this quickly turned into a hefty monthly expense.

But getting a home coffee brewer seemed like a significant expense as well. However, when I put everything on paper and compared the amounts, I realized something vital. I only needed to make one somewhat larger investment and buy my own coffee brewer, and I’d have fresh, rich coffee for years to come!

Getting that caffeine fix – fast!

This is the most significant reason why I have my own coffee brewing machine – the speed. I can quickly fix my own cup in the morning. What’s more, I can do it much faster than the time I spend on the hunt for the same rich flavors I’ve now become accustomed to.

The creativity

Having your own brewing machine allows you to brew your coffee just the way you like it. You don’t depend on various baristas or machines to get that taste just right. However, there’s another side of the coin. With a coffee brewer, you can experiment.

There are many different roasts and types of coffee available – from all over the world. Depending on how adventurous you feel, you can try a different one each week. This is also an excellent option for those who don’t really know what kind of coffee they like.

There isn’t a better morning feeling than a delicious, fresh cup of coffee. The sheer delight each cup brings me is the main reason why I have my own coffee brewing machine.


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