Why I prefer the iPhone Over Android at Any Time of the Day

The Android vs. iPhone debate is well known and ongoing. What’s more, people are really passionate about it. Once they pick a “clan,” there’s no going back. I have to admit that, while I am not one of those people, I still defend my opinion somewhat passionately. So, here’s why I prefer the iPhone over Android at any time of the day.

Branding – more than just a name

Firstly, most iPhone users love to say they own a device from the famous brand. However, that’s not what I mean when I say that branding is one of the reasons why I prefer the iPhone over Android.

iPhone isn’t as lenient with the software as Android is. A lot of companies have access to the Android software – Samsung, LG, Huawei, etc. – and, naturally, they are free to do as they please with the hardware. On the other hand, the iPhone has a strict policy of how hardware and software work together.

The tight control of their brand doesn’t allow for interference from other companies. Therefore, while Android forces us to decide both on the brand and the model, with the iPhone, we only have to choose the model – the brand and its standards are well known.

Support – anytime and almost anywhere

It’s a well-known fact that iPhone offers better user support. Apple stores are practically on every corner. Android doesn’t have the equivalent of that, and the responsibility of support mainly falls on the shoulders of the brand of the phone we are using.

However, the iPhone has another leg up on the Android. It also offers better support for older models. Their updates are available for older models, which means that users are more likely to upgrade. For example, iOS 11 was available even for iPhone 5S, released six years ago. Android can’t say the same – to upgrade your operating system, you have to upgrade the device as well.

Apps – security over the selection

Sure, it’s true that Apple’s App Store doesn’t have as wide a choice of apps as Google Play does. However, that brings some unexpected benefits. Apple’s App Store is highly secure, and it doesn’t have such a high percentage of junk apps as Google Store does.

What’s more, you can’t accidentally download a fake version of an app, because there aren’t any. Finally, the Apple App Store often gives you access to the first releases of many games that Android users have to wait on.

Love what you know

Another reason why I prefer the iPhone over Android at any time of the day is the consistency. Apple has made many changes to the iPhone over the years, but the ease of use is still the same as it once was.

Essentially, using an iPhone is the same as it was ten years ago. While the look, customizability, and ease of use fluctuate with Android, the iPhone remains consistently easy to use.

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